Special Programs

 Our school programs and priorities include:

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC):  AAC is an umbrella term that encompasses the communication methods used to supplement or replace speech or writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language. AAC is embedded in all our learning programs using students' individual communication devices and extensive visual supports. We endevour to work with families and therapy providers to ensure all students requiring AAC have access to a robust system that supports their individual needs. 
  • Key Word Sign:  Signing is used to encourage and support language development in children and adults with complex communication needs.  Key Word signing uses a core vocabulary of specially selected words that comprise concepts and ideas considered to be the most appropriate for children and adults with communication and language difficulties.  Each word (concept) is matched to a hand sign. Our staff use Key Word Sign throughout the school day to support student understanding. 
  • Drumbeat:  This program harnesses the power of music to build confidence, motor skills and social co-ordination in a safe, structured environment that brings endless joy. We are very lucky to have a trained Drumbeat instructor as a member of our staff to facilitate the program with students. 
  • Therapy dog: We are very lucky to have Ziggy on staff with us! Ziggy is a border collie and trained therapy dog. He is here most days of the week and available to assist in students' learning programs. 
  • Zones of Regulation: We support all students to manage their emotions and learn self-regulation strategies through our whole school Zones of Regulation program. Social-emotional learning is a priority area at Beldon Education Support Centre and our specialist teacher runs a school-wide social-emotional learning program, which includes the Zones of Regulation and explicit teaching of key social skills. 
  • Sports in Schools:  We value the vital skills students learn whilst participating in sport. We provide weekly access to combined sport activities with Beldon Primary School and engage in regular community sporting activities including cricket clinics, football clinics, and local sporting activities including surf lifesaving, lawn bowls, ten pin bowling and sailing.
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG):  introducing pleasurable food education to children during their learning years, in order to form positive food habits for life.  Grow Harvesting, Preparing and Sharing.
  • Hydrotherapy Swimming Program: In addition to annual whole school swimming lessons we are very fortunate to be able to offer a hydrotherapy swimming program to a select group of students with physical or sensory needs that are best suited to this type of environment and/or facilities.

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